Thursday, 23 June 2011

Judging the other Group...

  • Group 1: They take too much time on drawing or skectching their 'imagination'. They should focus their elaboration than drawing such thing. A bit boring.
  • Group 2: Interesting mini drama from the group. Good effort.
  • Group 3: Nice sound effect from the group which is the cricket's sound.
  • Group 4: Good cooperation between the members of the group. Very wide imagination.
  • Group 5: They sould interact and communicate with the other classmates to get their responses.
  • Group 6: They explain briefly about their point of view by interpreting it from a drawing.
  • Group 7: A really good presentation from this group. They also sing the twinkle twinkle little stars to attract the other classmates. Good job, guys.
In my opinion, the best group during the presentation is Group 7 because they managed to attract the other classmates through the hilarious moment.

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